Bill Blair [Link to crew picture]
Copilot, "Red Headed Woman", B-24L, No. 44-41645 is the ship we flew on almost every strike during the latter part of our tour of duty, December 1944 and the first quarter of 1945.

Martin Rubin [Link to crew picture]
Navigator, 72nd Bomb Squadron. Served on Morotai and Samar from September 1944 to August 1945. Flew 44 combat missions ranging from Balikpapan, Borneo to Formosa. Pilot was Capt. NJ Graham.

John Shetler
I went to the South Pacific in September of 1944, flew 48 missions as nose gunner on B24's. Pilot Robert R McCoy, Copilot Daniel VanBuskirk, Navigator John Shephard, Bombardier ? "Smitty", Engineer Seamen W Bradburry, Radio Op Vernon J Ritter, Ball gun Tully Andrews, Tail gun Sidney Price, Waist gun Eddie Fetsko, Nose gun John Shetler. Returned stateside June 1945. I am also a ham radio operator call sign WA7JPV. ASR# 35924816 S/SGT 13th USAF 5th BG 72 BS South Pacific.

Robert McJones [Link to crew picture]
I was in the class of 44-D, and got my wings on 15 April 1944. I was a member of the 72nd Squadron. My missions began from Morotai, the first was to Palawan on 15 Dec 44. During January and February 45, we flew many missions to Luzon, Negros, and Corregidor with occasional trips to Borneo. In March, we moved up to Samar and most of our missions were within the Philippines; however, did go to Kuching, Borneo, on our longest mission, 15:10. My 41st and final mission was to Sibu on 24 May 45.

William De Cecca [Link to crew picture]
Flew 33 missions in the "Vibratin Virgin", island hopping up through New Guinea, missions to Wolei, Biak, Truk, Yap, Palau, Rabaul, New Ireland, etc.  My last mission was the first mission to Balikpapan Oil fields in Borneo

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