Sky Tramp, Serial 42-73143

Picture courtesy of Bill Blair, please do not use without permission

Back Row, L to R: Terry Spivey, Pilot, Bill Blair, Co-pilot, Stan Palmer, Navigator, Tom Golenia, Bombardier.

Front Row, L to R: Doug Myers, Ball Turret Gunner, Larry Flood, Radio, John Sharkey, Tail Gunner, Bob Langlois, Flight Eng/ Waist Gunner, Carl Fraley, Waist Gunner, Bob Latham, Nose Turret.

"This is the publicity photo that was sent back home, although we only flew one mission in "Sky Tramp" and the rest of our missions in "Red Headed Woman"    Bill Blair

72nd - Spivey Crew

5th BG "Bomber Barons":
307th BG "The Long Rangers":
868th BS "Snoopers":