Jeff, here is a photo to add to the Bomber Baron files. This is the standard publicity shot.

Back row L to R standing: 1st. Lt. Robert Macfarland, Co-pilot (from Yonkers, NY at that time),1st. Lt. Martin Rubin (me), Nav/Obs (from Brooklyn, NY, then), Capt. Neil J. Graham, Pilot (from Lubbock, TX) and Lt. Al Nowaczyk, bombardier (from Chicago, IL).

The photo was taken in Oct. 1944 at Nadzab, New Guinea. Sadly, age and time have erased the names of the rest of the crew from my memory, and the Northridge, CA earthquake we had here in 1994 (the epicenter was almost under my house) destroyed some of my files.

Picture courtesy of Martin Rubin, please do not use without permission

Updraft, Serial 44-40620

Graham Crew 72nd

5th BG "Bomber Barons":
307th BG "The Long Rangers":
868th BS "Snoopers":