Four Fan Fanny, Serial 44-41669

The Shearer Crew taken along side of Four Fan Fanny are identified as follows:

Back row left to right:
Hugh Earhart, Bombardier
Walt Meibaum, Navigator
Ray Gott, Co-Pilot
Art Shearer, Pilot

Front row left to right:
George Bertouille, Nose gunner
Curtis McCloskey, Top turret gunner
George Moreno, Engineer and waist gunner
Kenneth Ives, Radio operator and gunner
William Wall, Armorer and ball turret gunner

Our original tail gunner was John Colby. He came down with the measles while we were in Fairfield-Suisun getting ready to take a B-24 to Biak. He was replaced by Carl Fritsche while we were still at Fairfield. Fritsche, the replacement tail gunner, became ill after a few missions and was returned to the States. After that we had tail gunners from broken crews. This picture was probably taken during one of the shortages.

Picture courtesy of Walt Meibaum, please do not use without permission

Shearer Crew - 31st

5th BG "Bomber Barons":
307th BG "The Long Rangers":
868th BS "Snoopers":