Four Fan Fanny, 13th AF, 5th BG 31st BS, serial # 44-41669
The numbers 1669 were blacked out and the numbers 669 were put on in white over the black rectangle. The pilot of this aircraft, Marshall Smith, went on to become base commander and another pilot (name unknown at this time) took over the plane and crew.  Photo credit goes to Jim Kurkouski. This photo obtained from the Steve Birdsall collection, author of the book
Log Of The Liberators

Pilot, Marshall Smith
Co-Pilot, Bob Baumbach
Ball Turret Gunner, Herb Markell
Nose Gunner, Shorty Guber
Tail Gunner, Bill Bradley
Top Turret Gunner, Pat Patterson
Navigator, Bill Hackney
Bombardier, One Run Reed
Waist Gunner/Engineer, Jim Masters
Waist Gunner/Radio Operator, Tommy Thompson

Contributed by,
Jason Dilworth & Lowell Thompson, friends of Marshall Smith. Please do not use without permission.

Four Fan Fanny

5th BG "Bomber Barons":
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