Murray Grainger
I joined the Snoopers in November 1944 on Noemfoor as a co-pilot, went on to Morotai as a first pilot and was at the 11th Repl Depl in Makati, Philippines on my way home in August 1945 when the A bomb was dropped.

Elmer "Peaks" Conrad
I was only 18 when I hit Guadacanal with the Air Corp as were most of the men who were sent over, and were suddenly introduced to hell. Prior to my departing for an overseas mission my training was in aircraft weapons, both ground defensive and air defensive, from hand guns to rifles to thirty calibre and 50 calibre machine guns.  Was there from Guadalcanal to Okinawa.

Harlan Price
I was Co-Pilot on Chuck Binford's crew and the other members were as follows; Navigator - Jim Lockwood, Bombardier - Alex "Rip" Rippingill, Eng/Gunners - Buddy Allen, John Dugan. George Brundage, ? McGraw, Radio Op. ? Johnson and Radar Op. Lou Havlak.

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Martin Silverman
Supply officer [among other things]. I was with the Snoopers before being transferred to the 394th.

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