Roger T. Ellis
April 1945 to August 1945 on Morotai. 

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Bill Worthington
I was the flight engineer on J.W. Starr's crew.

Bruce Lightner
Crew Chief on Robert W. Hamilton's a/c.  Guadalcanal, Munda, Noemfoor, Wakde, etc.

Richard F. Isitt
Radio operator/door gunner. Deceased 1990 - information from Son, Jim

My Dad served with the 424th Bombardment Squad, 307th Bomb Group from 1941 to 1945. His decorations are:  

National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal

"Br w/ 3Lps" (which I am unfamiliar), Distinguished Flying Cross w/ 4 Oak Leaf Clusters, then there is an OCC Medal (again, unfamiliar with this one).

The dates for his Distinguished Flying Crosses were:
2/20/44, 5/7/44, 5/8/44, 7/26/44, and 7/26/44 (sic)

Frederick G. Kaestner
Pilot 424th sq - 1/44 - 1/45 - Munda, Green Island, Wakde Island, Noemfoor, Moratai - home - Plane was Josephine #456... also Big Amelican Bomba...

424th BS Contacts

5th BG "Bomber Barons":
307th BG "The Long Rangers":
868th BS "Snoopers":