Captain Abe Weber [394th Officers Picture]
I was the lead bombardier for the 394th Squadron, 5th Bomb Group. Enlisted Jan. 41, served until Dec. 45. From Jan. 41 to May of 42 I was in the Army Field Artillery; June 42 to Jan 43 in avation cadet program, Jan 43 to Oct. 44 instructed Bombardiers at Victorville, Ca. Nov.44 to Oct 45 I was with the 394th BS. After my discharge I joined the Los Angeles Police Dept and spent 30 yrs. there . I retired as a Detective . Still alive and kicking. Do you know if any of the group keeps in touch ? If so please advise.

Bob Hamilton  
Author of "Pacific Warbird, Coming of Age in World War II"

Martin Silverman
Supply officer [among other things]. I was with the Snoopers [868th] before being transferred to the 394th.

Charles W. Heathco
Pilot Lt. Charles W. Heathco would like to contact anyone who flew in the South Pacific from Oct. 1943 to Sept. 1944.

Ray Hartzel
I was A Radio Operator on Don Bones crew. Was there February 1944-December 1944.

If you would like me to add your name to the contact list, please send an e-mail to with a brief description of dates of service and any other information that you would like included.

Roy Davenport
Ground crew with the 394th from Hawaii through Mortai. Served from Hawaii April 42 to Morotai December 44. Just turned 82 and currently living in Portland, OR with wife Joyce.

Oscar Fitzhenry
Served with all of the Bomb Squadrons in the 5th BG. 394th Squadron Operations Officer. Arrived New Hebrides in May 1943, then Guadalcanal, then Munda.  Left to go back to the US April 1944. Flew 64 missions. (editors note - Oscar received two Distinguished Flying Crosses during his time with the 5th BG)

Hassell Painter
I joined the 5th at Morotai and stayed until the end.  I was on Ellenbecker crew as bombardier. I also have some pictures of the motor pool personnel and our crew chief.  I remember that the 394th squadron stripe was yellow on the tail. Talked to a Japanese pilot when I was stationed in Japan flying B-29's from 1955 to 58 and he told about jumping us over Borneo in 1945.  He said that he was told to hit the yellow stripe boys. Come to find out I was on that mission as lead bombardier.

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