Sidney Ulmer
Dates of service were May 1944-March 1945. I had 44 missions and 500 combat hours as a tail gunner on Pat Earhart's crew. Bases stationed were: Guadalcanal, Los Negros in the Admiralties, Wakde and Noemfoor, New Guinea, and Morotai in the Moluccas. 
[Sid is the present Secretary / Treasurer of the 31st BS Association].

Walter Meibaum
I took primary pilot training at Pine Bluff, Arkansas in 1943-44, washed out after two unacceptable landings in the old Ryan PT-19. I then went to Gunnery school in Harlingen, Texas and then to Navigation training in San Marcos, Tx. , took Phase training at March Field, CA. Our crew finally got to combat in Nov. 44., thoroughly trained but unprepared. I flew on 47 missions to Borneo, New Guinea, Halmaharas and the Philippines. My tour ended on Samar. I came home on a Dutch merchant ship called the Bloemfonteim.

Melvin Gregorius [Link to crew picture]
Member of 31st Squadron stationed at Samar, Philippines.  I was assigned as Co-pilot on Four Fan Fanny. Our crew flew 19 mission, in this aircraft to the end of World War 2.

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Bill Fallin
CO of the 31st Squadron from May 1944 to July 1944.

Everett "Beach" Thurlow
Assigned to the 31st BS as the CO in February 1945 and held this position until the end of the war. During this tenure the Squadron was located at Morotai in the NEI and Samar in the Philippines. I had 47 combat missions, all with various crews of the Squadron.

George W. Britt

Fred Barr
Captain Fred Barr, Guadacanal to Moroti, 1943-1945. Assistant operations Officer for 31st Squadron from 1944-45. I flew 43 missions. 8 members of crew still living.

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