The intention of this web site is to present the stories of the Veterans of the 13th "Jungle" Air Force Heavy Bombardment Groups that gave so much when called to defend our country in World War II. If you are a 13th AAF Veteran and would like to share your experiences, please contact me at -

1942 - 1945 in the South Pacific
23rd BS Insignia
31st BS Insignia
72nd BS Insignia
394th BS Insignia

5th Bombardment Group (H) "Bomber Barons"

307th Bombardment Group (H) "The Long Rangers"

868th Bombardment Squadron (H) "Snoopers"

307th & 868th insignia provided by Larry Long

XIII AAF Bombardment Groups (H)

23 July 2001:
Finally updated some of the pages. Been a bit hectic for me lately, but should be settling down.  I am currently working with Oscar Fitzhenry, a 394th BS pilot that shot 1 hour of color 16mm film during the early part of 1944.  We are trying to put together a documentary on the 13th AF and have had some good responses from The History Channel and other production houses. The footage includes the raid to Truk from Green Island on April 2, 1944 as well as raids to Rabaul.

Here's what's new:
Sky Tramp - Grant Rea and crew identified
Color Nose Art Photos - Captured from Oscar Fitzhenry's 16mm film
Updated almost all of the BS contacts with new listings

Thanks for your patience, Jeff

Sid Ulmer of the 31st BS has written "Waist Gunner". The book details the diary of William Davis Parker, a gunner with the 5th BG.  Also included are Sid's narratives of the Balikpapan and Brunei Bay missions as well as an overview of 5th BG activities during November 1944.

Sid has meticulously researched the events with supporting evidence from the official 5th BG mission logs.  Great reading and well done!

Contact Sid at if you'd like to purchase a copy signed by the author.

 5th BG "Bomber Barons": 23rd BS   31st BS   72nd BS   394th BS
307th BG "The Long Rangers": 370th BS   371st BS   372nd BS   424th BS
868th BS "Snoopers":
868th BS                                  

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